Bones Bets October 4-7th 2018

Here we go again, another weekend of football is upon us. Last week saw a very hot start for the bets, and money would have been made if the plan was followed completely. Unfortunately, the Eagles failed to win and help turn a good first week of Bones Bets, into a great one. So lets not waste any time, lets dive into the three featured games from both the NFL and the NCAA.


LSU (-2) @ Florida

This all SEC tilt brings some juicy betting numbers to the table, along with what should be a fun football game. LSU has surprised many this year and will look to continue rolling this week when visiting the swamp. True college football fans know this venue does not bring the hype that it used to, but Tim Tebow is being inducted in to the ring of honor at halftime, surely bringing a little extra life to the crowd. Despite a tough road game, a 2 point spread makes me happy, given that we get a field goal.Normally I'd like the under here, but the early money for the week saw the number drop, 44.5 is a tough one but lets go over. Geaux Tigers.

Money Line:  LSU
Point Spread: LSU -2
Over/Under: Over 44.6

Boston College @ NC State -6

I'm going to flip the switch this week and turn against the BC Eagles in this one. It seems as if the hot start was indeed a bit of a fluke and this BC team has come down to earth. They find themselves facing a tough conference road game against a streaking Wolfpack that have found themselves in the Associated Press' top 25, sitting at 23. This game could be tight until the end, but that is only dependent on which Boston College team walks off the bus Saturday morning. Given this idea, -6 gives NCSU a touchdown to cover, and in a home game right before their big test against Clemson next week, I'd expect the 'Pack to be firing on offence. Finally, BC loves points, so there shall be points, lets take the over.

Money Line: NC State
Point Spread: NC State -6
Over/Under: Over 59.5

Utah @ Stanford -3.5

If I'm being honest, I hate this spread. 3.5 is the scariest number in football wagering, as a series of events can unfold to royally destroy your hopes of covering. So why are we picking this? Because who doesn't love a little PAC12 after dark. This game will be fun, both teams continuously have something to prove, mainly because they do play out west and they do have some tough results. Utah is only 2-2, and Stanford is ranked, so why is this only 3.5? Only Vegas knows, and that is why this is fun, what do they know that we don't? I do expect Stanford to take care of business tomorrow night, but lets consider it a close one and take the under.

Money Line: Stanford
Point Spread: Stanford -3.5
Over/Under: Under 46


Oakland @ Los Angeles (C) -5.5

This is another one that feels as if the spread is too low given the opponents, however, it is the NFL and it is hard to sell a betting community on monstrous spreads. This one looks like a slam dunk and I think it will be, there are too many issues floating around an already average Oakland team, making it tough to see them winning on the road against a potential AFC playoff team. 52.5 is a lot of points in this league but both teams play homerun football, lets take the points.

Money Line: Los Angeles
Point Spread: Los Angeles -5.5
Over/Under: Over 52.5

New York (G) @ Carolina -6.5

Scanning through the week's spreads and this one is juicy. A home team with playoff aspirations not even giving up a touchdown against a struggling Giants team. To be fair, the GMen aren't included in the league's worst, and they do have star players, but the issues at quarterback might cause problems against a stingy Panthers group. Surprisingly, only 53% of the money (Courtesy of falls on Carolina, making one think what may be going through the heads of bettors. The Giants are due for a break out, but I do not see it being enough this week, however that does help make the decision for the O/U.

Money Line: Carolina
Point Spread: Carolina -6.5
Over/Under: Over 43.5

Los Angeles (R) -7.5 @ Seattle

Seattle is not very good anymore, but something has to be said about games played at Century Link Field. Los Angeles has looked to be one of the league's best early on, and without safety Earl Thomas the Seattle D is not what it was in years past. However, a young quarterback travelling to Seattle is never a good formula. This spread was at 7 all week, essentially why I like to wait until Thursday or Friday to publish. If this was still at 7 I would recommend the Rams, with the worst case being a push at 7. The hook on that 7 is scary, so although I expect the Rams to win I do not know if it will be by more than 7. If this game is going to be close it will be because the Rams cannot score, so I will take the under because that Seahawks O-Line is terrible.

Money Line: Los Angeles
Point Spread: Seattle +7.5
Over/Under: Under 50