The Most Beautiful Words in Sports- "Game 7"

Game 7. Two words, thousands of meanings. Game 7 can bring sports fans indescribable ecstasy or life-long nightmares. There is a good chance if you've watched sports long enough, one of your teams has been in a game 7, whether it's in the early rounds or the final round, you have been there. Game 7 means stalemate, two teams who cannot find a way to solve each other on their respective playing fields, but one of them has to do so in this 7th game.

My most recent experience with a game 7 was one of those nightmares. An exhilarating game to say the least, but my beloved Indians fell short to a Cubs team that overcame a 3-1 series lead to hoist the Commissioner's Trophy on Cleveland's own Progressive Field. Although the feeling is bitter, looking back on it know I realize how special sports and baseball in particular can be. These 50 men who will march onto the field tonight have pushed their limits through 162 regular season games and almost 3 full playoff series, but now all of this is boiled down to 9 innings.

Both the Dodgers and Astros have both had their moments of brilliance this season and surely every player deserves one of those beautiful championship rings, yet 25 athletes and millions of fans will be heartbroken tonight. My advice for tonight: if you're truly a neutral fan, remain that way. Soak in every moment you can, these teams have shown us so much this year, representing the sport we grew up playing and loving. This could potentially be a better game than the one that happened just a year ago, these are the best baseball talents in the world, the ones who unite us through sport, the ones who hold the keys to our sporting emotions. So here we are sports fans, a game that decides a season, a game that splits up fans, a game that can only be described in one way: as "Game 7".