2016-17 Detroit Tread Wings

Come Christmas time the Detroit Red Wings are usually comfortably in a playoff spot, looking ahead to an outdoor game and just looking to stay healthy as they approach the home stretch. The 2016-17 Detroit Red Wings are in 13th out of 16 Eastern Conference teams and are seriously struggling to find the back of the net. The teams dynamic is unique, a mix of young talent and veteran presence, yet this mix is still trying to find it's compatibility. The fan base of the Red Wings is quite spoiled, if you are 20 years old you have seen 4 cups and have seen your team play in the spring months every single year. The result of this historic greatness is the lack of patience, as fans are calling for this years team to tank and go for highly touted prospect Nolan Patrick and avoid the whole attempt of a playoff push. This certainly is not going to happen considering the front office personnel and there is honestly a hope that they can push the playoff streak even one year further.
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The wings are truly just treading water right now, not the worst team in the league, but certainly far from being scary. The way the  Eastern Conference is shaping up right now, there will be no room for an Atlantic Division team in the Wild Card, so that leaves 3 spots for the wings to grab. If Carey Price remains healthy and dominant, the Montreal Canadians will certainly make it, leaving virtually two spots open. The wings have been awful against teams in their division, repping a 2-7-2 record against Atlantic foes. This certainly must improve in the event that the wings qualify for the playoffs and try to win another Cup.

The idea of "just making the playoffs" is one that many fans don't care for, yet making the playoffs and gaining experience for the young players is a key element to improving the team. Making the playoffs ensures that Detroit still has some appeal to free agents and that the Red Wings remain contenders for years to come. With just over half the season to go, the wings sit 5 points out of a playoff spot, are nursing injuries, and sit 26th in the league in goals for. A final element that must improve for the Wings to catch up is their home record. Joe Louis Arena has been the epitome of home ice advantage for years in the NHL, yet a 7-9-3 record at the Joe seems more inviting than intimidating. In the farewell season at JLA, it would be a shame to see the Red Wings miss out on another opportunity at glory.