Deflate the topic, not the balls

    Deflate Gate this Deflate Gate that, I'm sick and tired of this topic. We are less than a week away from the 49th edition of the Super Bowl, yet everyone's attention is on the footballs from a 45-7 stomping in Foxborough. I find it incredible that such an irrelevant topic could be dragged out this long. The game wasn't even close, it was a blowout from the opening kickoff yet the balls are to be blamed. Maybe the balls were slightly deflated, maybe they weren't to me it doesn't matter now. The Patriots were the better team and bad football's or not, the young Colts were not going to leave Eastern Massachusetts with a conference title.

     In my eyes this has been milked because the media can't find a better topic to discuss. Without any "sorry ass receiver" quotes to be analyzed, like last year (thank you Mr.Sherman) or any brotherly coaching battles like the "Harbowl" in 2013, the media cannot find a title topic to base this media week on. It's simply the Patriots and the Seahawks, a final that even the most unintelligent mind could have predicted. A report today has said that the league is ready to fine Marshawn Lynch 500k if he does not speak to the media, but why should he? This topic is irrelevant and now because the media can't find other stories, the players are to be fined? It does not seem right to me.

    This game will come down to whether he prolific Patriots offence can score on the 'Legion of Boom' yet we are talking about some Conference championship pigskin. Hopefully with a great game (and maybe an interesting half-time show by Katy Perry), we can get our minds off the footballs of the past and focus on the champions of the future.